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Dr. Dnyanesh NikamDr. Dyanesh Nikam is a well know doctor in Maharashtra for treating Ano-rectal diseases like Piles, Fissures, Fistula. A Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery, Dr. Nikam has treated patients with para-surgical procedure, by using principles of Ayurveda (Indian science) & Modern science technology. He founded Sushrut Ano-rectal Hospital & Research Centre. The hospital also serves as private training centre for doctors in Ano-rectal diseases.


Profile of Dr. Dnyanesh Nikam
Honoured as B.A.M.S. ( Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery) in 1984 from Nagpur University.
Worked with well known Dr. M.B. Kothia (Mumbai).
Worked at Gujarat Ayurved University Jamnagar. under guidance of Dr. Kulwant Singh in1985.
Practicing as Consulting Ayurveda, piles and fistula Specialist since 1986.
Presented paper at ' All India Colo Rectal Conference 'at Bombay Hospital, Mumbai in Sep. 1991.
Paper Reading done before Research Society of Ayurveda in Japan at Okayama in 1987 on the Subjet Ano-rectal Diseases and Ayurvedic treatment.
Trained in D.G.H.A.L, at Leoben ( AUSTRIA )
Presented Paper at ICTAM-Conference Bombay 1990.
Lectures on Ayurveda at G.S. Medical College,Mumbai, Mumbai University in 1990.
1st Prize winner for best Paper Reading on ' Ayurvedic Treatment of Fistula in Ano' in 9th Annual Surgeons Conference Maharashtra MASICON-91 at Amravati. Feb.1991.
Presented Paper at UPDATE AYURVEDA Conference at Mumbai in 1992.
Presented Paper at ASIAN MEDICAL DOCTORS ASSOCIATION, Conference at K.M.C. Medical College. Manipal Karnatka University Feb 1992.

Presented Paper on Ayurveda at National Conference of Family Physician Association at Nasik in Dec 1992.

Presented Paper at Maharashtra Health University Conference Nashik on 20 Jan 2000.
Lectures delivered at various Ayurvedic Colleges all over Maharashtra & Karnataka States.
Article published on Ayurveda in Magazines such as Dirghayu, Madhujeevan, Ayurved patrika & National Newspapers.
Conducted 44 Charitable Ayurvedic diagnostic with treatment Camps at various places of Maharashtra & Gujarat.
Lectures delivered on Ayurveda at various All India Radio centers at Pune, Jalgaon, Nashik & live television program "Hello Doctor"
Published books on Piles and Ayurveda, an informative tool for all.
Worked as an Organizing Secretary. National Conference on Ano-rectal Diseases & Management held in Nasik in Dec. 1993, Dec. 2004, Feb. 2012 & Dec. 2014
Director - Sushrut Ano-Rectal Hospital & Research Center Nashik.