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Training Program

We are not just teaching Ksharsutra & management of Ano - Rectal diseases but we are developing confidence in the doctors with 100% Practicals.

Sushrut Ano-rectal Hospital & Research Centre is pleased to announce a golden opportunity for Doctors to become as a PILES & FISTULA SPECIALISTS through Practical & theoretical up to date training course available at Nashik under the guidance of successful & eminent Piles Fistula practitioner Dr. Dnyanesh H. Nikam

Sushrut Ano-rectal Hospital & research center is conducting regular teaching and training program on management of Ano-rectal diseases & well known Ksharsutra treatment every month. Because of modern life style there is a subsequent rise in Ano-rectal Problems like Piles, Fissures & Fistula in Ano in the society. Well Trained & fully educated doctors to treat this disease successfully are expected by the Society. Unfortunately such doctor are not easily available in the society and due to failure of operative procedures and fear of incontinence (loss of controlling power of muscle) in modern Surgery. Hence patients are attracted by Quacks, which with improper knowledge, harass & make suffer the patient by creating more complications which are fatal in character.

Other than Ayurveda no pathy writes about the successful remedy for Ano Rectal problems. The remedy has been tried & practiced successfully by only few doctors of Ayurveda. Even Ayurvedic doctors who are in this practice are unable to diagnose & manage Ano-rectal problem successfully. The doctors during their graduation does not acquire detail knowledge.

Recurrence of Piles & Fistula are common problem now a days. Through modern surgery and hospitalization are more expensive & time taking. The treatments are very expensive.

Only AYURVEDIC PARA-SURGICAL Methods have proved useful in treating Ano Rectal Diseases . Without any hospitalization and recurrence, time saving & with proper Dietary advice & life style , show the path of 'Disease Free Life' to every individual in the Society.

Sushrut Ano-rectal Hospital & Research Centre have offered opportunity for doctors to undergo up-to date Training Course & become a Piles Fistula specialist under the guidance of eminent practitioners. We believe in Quality Education.

Sushrut Ano-rectal Hospital & Research Centre Ksharsutra Training Programs

Qualification Required

Graduate or Post Graduate in any Medical Science
(B.A.M.S. / M.S. (Ayurvedic) / B.H.M.S./ M.B.B.S./ M.S.)

Our Prestigious Studetns

Ksharsutra Training Course Includes

A complete theoretical knowledge of Ano-rectal diseases, complication & management (By Ayurved & Modern Medicine with advance technology)
Clinical & practical training lively on patients
Anatomy of Anal Canal & Rectum
All treatments of Ano-rectal diseases with advance technology such as (I.R.C. / D.G.H.A.L. / M.I.P.H. / LASER. / RADIO FREQUENCY / HARMONICE SCALPLE / T.H.D. / KSHAR SUTRA/Kshar Application) Under Local & Spinal Anasthesia.
Indication and contra indication of all treatment
Operative techniques of eminent proctologist by video
Preparation and application of Ksharsutra in detail
Lectures on Legal aspects
We will provide patients for examination and operative procedures under the guidance of Dr. Dnyanesh Nikam.
Dr. Dnyanesh Nikam will share all the medical experience with the trainees
Last but not least how to earn the money with proudly.

Fee Schedule

Ksharsutra Training Program
Every Year
1 Week
25th May to 31st May
25th Dec to 31 Dec
Rs. 60,000/- only





Interested doctor should send D.D. above fees in favour of "Sushrut Ano-rectal Hospital & Research Center", Payable at Nasik.
Library & up dated Research Notes available.
Certificate will be awarded to Doctors after completion of course.
Proper guidance will be given for practice (If required).

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Opening Ceremony of D.G.H.A.L Technology

Opening Ceremony
Dr. Ravi Bapat , Mumbai & presented directors.

Opening Ceremony
Dr. Dnyanesh Nikam, Dr. Vd. Ramesh Nanal.
Dr. Sameer Shah, Dr. Mohan Nikam on June 2003.

Opening Ceremony
Dr. Ravi Bapat-Vice Chancellor of Maharashtra Health University Nasik.

The Sushrut Ano-rectal Hospital & Research Center always adopt the New Technology & Instruments for updating the facilities for patients & Doctors and offers the world class treatments to patients under one roof.




Opening Ceremony of National Conference of Ano-rectal diseases by
Dr. Vasant Pawar, MLA
Dr. Shobhatai Bacchav MLA
Dr. Upasani V.V. (V.C. of Maharashtra Health University) & Delegates.